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IUMA: Korbanic, Matthew

Matthew Korbanic is an up and coming guitarist of considerable talent. Matthew, born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, started the instrument at age 14. His style is like that of Michael Hedges and Michael Manring. He takes the philosophy that he plays the guitar for the sake of music and not for the sake of playing guitar. He says, "I see a lot of guitarists today who think the guitar is like an exercise machine. It is something to conquer - to see how fast and technical one can play or they can't play at all. I can do all the technical exercises to the extreme, but I have learned that it is a medium to convey music as well as virtuosity. That is what they forget." He insists that he is a composer and a guitarist. His music is composed for the guitar, and that's what he is; a composer who plays guitar.


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